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20 important tips for your laptop keep safe

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A laptop is an important device in our modern life. We can’t think a day without laptop or computer. But a laptop is most user-friendly than a desktop computer. Because a laptop is a portable device that can use everywhere without electricity line. But if you don’t use laptop carefully, your laptop can damage very easy. So we should use carefully to save from damaged. You may search for “important tips laptop keep safe”. But if you didn’t find any article, then read this post. Now I tell you few important tips about 20 important tips for your laptop keep safe.

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So Now check the 20 important tips for your laptop.

Tip 1:

If your download frees software carelessly from the internet, it may harmful to your computer. Because if you carelessly use the software from the internet, the virus can damage your laptop. Make sure that you scan downloaded software if you still want to use. Don’t use any antivirus that is not powerful.

Tip 2:

Your laptop is turned on, do not provide any cover including gloves laptop. Processor laptop will die due to there is no air circulation beneath the surface of the laptop.

Tip 3:

The most common laptop damage occurs on the hard drive and Liquid crystal display (LCD Display) according to the survey. Hard drive damage caused by collision or fall. Due to sun exposure and physical strain, LCD display is usually damage.

Tip 4:

Arrange adapter cables or other cables that are connected to the laptop, not to make others stumble.

Tip 5:

Keep your laptop from a megaphone such as a loudspeaker or heavy vehicles and avoid vibration and avoid other sources of vibration.

Tip 6: 

Expose your laptop from the x-ray in the airport. 

Tip 7:

Keep your laptop clean to be free of dust with a clean cloth or cotton, k

Tip 8:

Protect your laptop modem manually. Try to use a digital modem that has a feature line guard. Because line guard will keep the modem from damage if accidentally plugging in the cable modem to the telephone jack digital ISDN or PABX line. When going to plug the phone cable into the laptop, be careful. Because the metal wires in the laptop modem connector are very thin and it bent easily.

Tip 9:

In All Asian climate, humid temperatures could be a cause of the big problem for laptops that are designed and made in the United States. Make sure the laptop is stored in a dry and cool place to reduce the possibility of the problems. If the laptop is not used for a long time, keep your laptop in a tight container and enter the silica gel.

Tip 10:

Voltage interruption and power outages can occur at any time at home, office or other places. Use the ‘surge-protector’ if you are using the AC outlet if possible. Don’t forget to backup your important data regularly. If possible, use online based cloud storage to keep your data.

Tip 11:

While you are traveling and if your laptop with you, use a laptop bag to keep safe.

Tip 12:

Use the strong protective box if you want to wrap the laptop to be sent or for other purposes. Wrap it with sponge or foam that can absorb vibrations.

Tip 13:

On top of the laptop, do not put a heavy object.

Tip 14:

Do not try to disassemble your laptop yourself if the laptop is in trouble. You should submit to the technician or laptop service center nearby. Disassemble the laptop yourself can damage the warranty sticker that is still attached to the laptop bottom. If warranty sticker is damaged, your laptop warranty will avoid. So don’t try to repair your laptop yourself that is under warranty.

Tip 15:

At a slight angle, do not insert the floppy disk. Insert the floppy half-and-half can damage the disk drive when opening or closing the DVD/CD-ROM drive tray to insert or eject the disc. Be careful; do not touch the lens in the CD-ROM tray. Do not hold Compact Disc (CD) on the surface of the disk. Try to hold the CD at the edges.

Tip 16:

Do not plug the laptop into the cable of digital phone lines or Private Branch Exchange (PBX). Only Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) line can be used for a laptop. If you use telephone lines instant of PSTN can damage your laptop modem.

Tip 17:

Take care of your laptop battery regularly. Do not leak because Laptop battery slot can damage. Check your laptop battery report regularly.

Tip 18:

Use a powerful antivirus software that can protect your laptop from the virus. Do not use any unlicensed antivirus. Because it doesn’t protect your laptop. Unlicensed antivirus is harmful to a laptop.

Tip 19:

Reduce your battery regularly. If you use your laptop by connecting adapter, your laptop battery may die very soon. So when your battery charge reached above 90%, unplug your adapter (charger) and use the battery. Connect your adapter again when your battery will be 10-20%.

Top 20:

Don’t play any video or audio in 95-100% volume. It will damage your laptop sound box. All-time use your laptop sound volume in 75-80% or less.

At the end, I want to say you that, if you use your laptop according to above 20 tips, your laptop can’t damage soon. So use your laptop according to above tips and carefully.

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